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Why journey alone?

Whether life feels more like an exciting adventure, a gloomy assignment or somewhere in between, it can be very helpful to have a companion to provide encouragement, accountability, and assistance with navigating and processing the inevitable twists and turns of one’s life journey.

I am able to provide that specialized companionship through spiritual direction, coaching, or a strategic combination of the two.

My spiritual direction and coaching practices overlap in notable ways. Both modalities feature:

  •       ● Safe and nonjudgmental atmosphere
  •       ● Warm welcome to all, regardless of faith, gender, sexual orientation, age, race, ethnicity
  •       ● Assurance of complete confidentiality
  •       ● Focused listening and powerful questions
  •       ● Opportunity to integrate both positive and negative experiences into a more whole sense of Self

While coaching and spiritual direction overlap significantly, they also differ in approach and potential results. Learn more about the specifics of each via the links to the left. Please take a moment to consider the information here, and contact me if you have any interest in exploring how spiritual direction, coaching, or a strategic combination of the two might enhance your life journey. After all, why journey alone?



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"Kili listens well and asks good questions. She communicates God's unconditional love for us. I am always surprised by and thankful for the moments of grace that I experience in my conversations with Kili."
— Marvin L., Columbia, Missouri, Spiritual Direction Client

"Kili brings a rare combination of structure and spiritual intuition to her coaching. Her deep listening and insightful questions helped me reach a powerful new understanding of my ability to communicate verbally - both personally and professionally."
— Julie A., Avondale, Pennsylvania, Coaching Client 

"Kili has a gentle presence and a wise perspective. Her coaching is grace-filled and affirming, and she asks the most amazing and thought-provoking questions ever! Kili has helped me recognize how to be more authentic in my role as a pastor so that my ministry is consistent with who I am at the core. She has also helped me realize that I am far more spiritual than I had initially thought and that the Spirit of God can be experienced in every activity, relationship, and experience."
— Jill B., Cozad, Nebraska, Combo Coaching/Spiritual Direction Client

"I am thankful for the spiritual practice of Spiritual Direction. Through Kili's gentle guidance and probing questions, I am able to reflect upon and glean where God is present in my life. As a pastor, it is easy to forget about one's own spiritual life, but spiritual direction helps me remain focused both in times of challenge and enrichment.
— Elizabeth M., Watertown, New York, Spiritual Direction Client