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Motivational Speaking & Group Coaching 

An affordable way to extend the benefits of coaching to your group (family, staff team, civic group, etc.) is to hire a coach to speak to your group and/or to offer a session or series of sessions of group coaching. As a speaker, I like to create presentations that combine both informational and experiential elements because listeners learn best when they hear and then practice what is being taught.

Topics I enjoy addressing (not an exhaustive list, so feel free to suggest your topic!):
     ❖ Mindfulness
     ❖ Self-Compassion
     ❖ Goal-Setting
     ❖ Busting through limiting beliefs
     ❖ Self Care
     ❖ Integrating the public self with the private self

To deepen the learning even more, group coaching is a great option! In group coaching settings, I typically structure each session to include check-in time, a teaching segment, an application/processing segment, and end with each member of the group selecting/committing to their next steps.

Group coaching has unique benefits, such as:
     ★ Instant accountability. When you commit to something in front of a group, you are far more likely to follow through on that commitment.
     ★ Parallel processing. This happens when members of the group expand their thinking on a particular topic simply by listening to someone else’s personal processing on that topic.
     ★ Enhanced creativity. Potential solutions generated by a group are often far more extensive and creative than those generated by an individual working alone.
     ★ Greater affordability. The cost of group sessions per individual is less than the cost of private coaching sessions.

Possible group coaching themes:
     ❖ Self care
     ❖ Improving team communication and performance
     ❖ Weight loss
     ❖ Taking your private business to the next level
     ❖ Parenting
     ❖ Addiction recovery

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